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Jeff Yancey
Jeff Yancey, Exchange Architect
A specialist in strategic technical architectures, Jeff has over 25 years experience in the securities, telecommunications and technology development industries.

With technical foundations in the development, management and implementation of secure application software and real-time high-volume transaction systems, Jeff business skills lie in linking technical systems with a corporation's unique business strategies.

In recent times, Australian capital market players, venture capitalists and telecommunications groups have benefited from Jeff's advice to use technology to pursue growth opportunities.

Among them were the ASX with its SEATS Trading Processor redevelopment and Foreign Market Linkage (FML) projects; high-technology venture capitalists Australian Mezzanine Investments, AMWIN Investments and Newport Capital Pty Ltd; and Cable and Wireless OPTUS's technical architecture and infrastructure division.

Click here to download Jeff's full profile.  You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Core skills
::  Board level presentations, submissions and sub-committee reporting
::  Capital specification and acquisition, vendor selection and negotiation
::  Planning of on-going support requirements, structures and roles
::  Budget planning
::  Management of internal and external audit relationships
::  Internal and external business and technical user group liaison
::  Specification and implementation of development, testing and quality assurance
::  IT security consulting and planning
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