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Jeff Fulton, Infrastructure Consultant
Jeff Fulton's 23 years in IT&T are marked by a rare combination of high-level technical and business skills. With 16 years of senior technology management experience, Jeff has also been actively engaged in driving customer fulfillment and business revenues.

Before joining CSIS, Jeff worked with Data General Corporation and Sequent Computer Systems, to drive the architecture and deployment of distributed computer systems and networks. He was also successful in delivering increased revenues and customer satisfaction and spent time as Sequent's Managing Director.

Jeff's technical experience covers most aspects of proprietary and open-system environments from desktop to mainframe, and he can operate effectively from a strategic level to detailed technical analysis including protocol and performance analysis.

It is this ability to match business goals with technology that has propelled Jeff's track record of achieving real growth for our clients.

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Core Skills
::  High-availability systems design and implementation
::  Systems and network management strategies
::  Systems and network security
::  Electronic messaging systems
::  Distributed systems design and implementation
::  Network design and implementation
::  Multi-vendor interoperability and performance benchmarking
Jeff Fulton
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